Deep Cleaning

Deep Cleaning

A deep clean is the most intense type of cleaning service available. Carried out for a number of reasons. Deep cleaning and sanitisation can revive vacant properties and eradicate smells along with many other benefits.

Deep cleaning services when carried out by professional deep cleaners is undertaken in a very methodical way ensuring everything within the room is cleaned, include light fittings, switches, walls and ceilings …

A team of two or more technicians may be assigned depending on the size of your home. We all need a deep clean in our home on an occasional basis. There are places in your home that you may have not touched in a while such as: under your bed, behind your sofa, inside your oven, freezer and refrigerator, ceilings, etc. Because deep cleaning usually takes more time than a standard or maintenance cleaning, we suggest preparing to have the technicians in your home between 3 – 4 hrs or more, again depending on the size of the space and the amount of work involved.

If you have never employed the quality cleaning services of a deep cleaning company contact us for a quote. You may be surprised how affordable a sparkling home can be!

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